In 2168, two intelligent lifeforms exist on Titan, and only one can rule the galaxy.

Titan’s Plague – The Trial

Outside the rings of Saturn, Pati Lynch commands a prison ship mining ice. Her crew mutinied, tried to kill her, and she was the last one left standing.  Now, she stands trial for their murder. Her attorney is one of the best, but as a repeat offender, her self-defense argument doesn’t hold much weight. If convicted, she’ll be sentenced to a solitary trip back to Earth where she’ll arrive a senior citizen. And the extraterrestrials who instigated the mutiny still want her dead.

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Enceladus – Titan’s Plague Book Two

Pati Lynch escaped Karakorum and a prison sentence lasting through senior citizenship. With Joe Tate, she crash-landed on the moon, Enceladus. To survive, they must carry their ship over an airless, snow-covered wasteland to their destination: an ice-mining station that needs workers and does not ask questions.

But like any no-questions-asked organization, it has secrets. Now, Pati and Joe must escape the slave camp they’ve fallen into, and return to Karakorum where they ran from in the first place.

And the extraterrestrials who instigated the mutiny on Pati’s ice-mining ship then railroaded her into a guilty murder conviction, they have their own plans for Enceladus.

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Saturn’s Heir – Titan’s Plague Book Three

Pati Lynch escaped the slave camp on Enceladus leaving a trail of blood behind her, although not of her hands this time. Unfortunately, she cannot return to Earth, because an alien scare has resulted in the quarantine of all who reside in the Saturnian system. And, because of the quarantine, the leadership of the Karakorum government has decided to declare independence, driving a bigger wedge between Pati and her home. Are the people behind this action possessed by these same aliens?

She’s fallen into the hands of her brother-in-law, Kerry McLear. He’s one of the most powerful persons in the solar system, and Pati killed his brother the year before. Yet, he not only wants to use his power to confront the aliens, but he also wants her help. And as his last legal relative, he wants her to join his family.

Will Pati accept the responsibility? Should she just rest and recover from the ordeal she just experienced on Enceladus? Whatever she decides, the aliens who wanted her dead have not gone anywhere.

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The Picus Redoubt – Titan’s Plague Book Four

Pati Lynch is the prisoner of Harry Meldrom, the man who falsely convicted her of murder, and is admittingly possessed by an alien. He wants to deal because his leader is inciting a war with humans he thinks will exterminate his people.

He needs her because Pati has the strongest claim to McLear Industries and the power that goes with it. The mayor of Karakorum declared independence and announced McLear Industries property of the state. She’s also recruited an army, that no one believes is just for military parades.

McLear Industries resurrects a mass launcher, which fires at speeds that will atomize invading ships. Pati resolved never to kill again after her ordeal on Enceladus, but now she’s a major player in world events. Can she keep that resolution and ensure humanity is not conquered by an alien invasion?

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The Andromeda Exodus – Titan’s Plague Book Five

Another army is on its way. This one’s from Earth, they can’t be stopped, and all humans in Saturnian space are destined for repatriation camps in the asteroid belt.

This is what the alien leader is counting on. They plan to infect the invading army and reproduce geometrically when the army returns to Earth . Human bodies will exist, humans will not.

Returning to Earth for Pati Lynch is now a moot point. If she doesn’t stop the aliens, and the invading army, she and all she loves will be extinguished. Her only option is to deal with the alien in Harry Meldrom, and hope it’s not playing her for its own gains.

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